Beautiful Things

a micro blog built with jekyll (loosely with the minimal theme), github pages, and ios shortcuts

rain while it’s still sunny

unironically quaint beach houses


the color of swimming pools

greeting cards from family members with excessive glitter

t-shirts washed many times

a day without a plan

an oboe tuning a symphony

imperfect emboridery


waking up to chirping birds

living with friends

running when you haven’t in a while

impromptu frisbee meet-ups

trader joe’s vegan chocolate chip cookies

friends who help you unpack things

statically typed programming languages

freshly-washed bedding

driving aimlessly late at night

a night class ending early

reuniting with your buddies

warm friends in new places

the montreux jazz festival

the louisiana art museum in denmark

swimming in open water

meeting your heroes and feeling anything but disappointment

long breezy curtains

the swiss alps